Web Development

Web Development

Web development is complicated because of the procedures required to complete a project. There are many things to consider like the types of technology, security, performance, cost and time during the analysis and design phases.

Most web development projects fall apart in the middle of the project due to the lack of planning and insufficient requirements. As a result, development cost increases and the websites would have foundational problems.

Waterloo Web Services Inc. looks at all problems and organizes tasks in sprints. We prioritize which tasks are feasible before the first production deployment, then followed by updates to websites.

Web development phases may be the same, but each website functions differently. Therefore, the requirements are used to apply which components or features have most priorities.

A website should have the following primary characteristics; SEO, a great domain name and analytics.


An SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of making web pages search engine friendly.

Websites that are SEO compliance are ranked higher in online searches. It means online visitors will more likely find your website on related keyword searches. Optimization takes weeks, months and even years.

Domain Name

A great domain name means instant credibility. We have a great online tool we used to find variants of domain names and suggestions.

Google Analytics

One of the popular analytics applications is Google’s. We use Google Analytics to inform our customers who their audiences are such demographics, behaviour, traffic or interests.

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How Do We Work ?

Our procedures to system’s analysis and design are aimed to make sure our process is consistent and produces the same quality of web development everytime.

  • Idea

    First, we’ll meet with you to learn about your business. Knowing how it works will help us gather the requirements we would need to develop your website.

  • Analysis

    We will use the data we collected to search for web templates, domain names and web hosting. Create a list of components that your website would need.

  • Plan

    We will plan and purchase web templates, domain names and web hosting. Initialize database, web application projects, social accounts, emails and network development environment.

  • Build

    Start the website development. We will install the CMS, creating page types and customizing components.

  • Test

    QA. Test the websites and fix any issues.

  • Launch

    Deploy the website to production.

  • Support

    Monitor the website and resolved production issues.

What we offer

Best Web Design

We have hundreds of awesome web designs to choose from and there is only one for your website. Let us help you choose the best web design for your website.

Best Website

Your website is developed by one of the best. The professional look of your website and functionalities will be something to be proud of.

Best Domain Name

A great domain name means instant credibility. We have one of the best tools for searching domain variations and suggestions.

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